Annie and Sharon
Annie Sloan and Sharon Humble
About Me

Thank you for visiting my site! I am Sharon Humble, the owner of La Petite Maison, LLC decorative arts studio which opened March 2012.

I have an abiding love for antiques, history, art, architecture, and fine arts which has led me on a journey to explore many types of "decorative arts" -- art that is concerned primarily with the creation of useful items (especially for the home).

It is so rewarding to find a vintage piece of furniture, restyle it with paint and wax, and give it a new life! I have always wished that antique items could talk. They would have such a story to tell about places they have been and people they have known.

I am a Louisiana licensed interior designer and have taught interior design and architecture at the university level. I enjoy working with students and sharing knowledge I have gained from several excellent decorative design instructors.

Visit us to explore our products, to get inspired, or join us for a workshop in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to learn how to create your own treasured work of art!